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    LCP polymers with high carbon compounds, the material forming is higher mold temperatures probably between 100-140 degrees, material drying at 140 degrees; shoot mouth temperature in 380 degrees downtime for discharging cooling is very easy to be carbonized. This material is generally used as an electronic plug-in, insulation, hardness is relatively good, high precision mold requirements are easy to produce burr. On! The characteristic LCP of LCP has good weather resistance, good radiation resistance, excellent flame resistance, can extinguish the flame and no longer continue to burn. Its combustion level reaches UL94V-0 level. LCP is one of the best special plastics for fire safety. LCP has excellent electrical insulation properties. The dielectric strength is higher than that of the general engineering plastics, and the arc resistance is good. As an electrical appliance parts, in the continuous use of temperature 300 ~ 200 degrees Celsius, its electrical performance is not affected. And the intermittent use of temperature up to 316 degrees celsius. 2 outstanding heat resistance: Xydar melting point of 421 degrees Celsius, 560 degrees in the air, 567 in nitrogen in the beginning of decomposition, the thermal deformation temperature of up to 355 degrees Celsius, Ekonol thermal deformation temperature of 293. Xydar - 50 to 240 DEG C in continuous use, there are still excellent impact toughness and dimensional stability, Xydar not subject to the influence of solder alloy melting, Ekonol resistance to 320 DEG C solder dipping 5 minutes, glass fiber reinforced Vectra are resistant to 260 to 280 DEG C solder completely impregnated 10 seconds. According to the high or low heat resistance

LCP material molding:

1 barrel temperature

Usually the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature, the temperature of the material is shown in the following diagram.

The table below: barrel temperature of each grade at molding (c)

B C Ei A

Posterior 250-290 280-340 300-360 250-290

270-290 300-340 310-350 270-290

Former 290-310 320-340 330-350 290-310

Nozzle 290-310 320-340 330-350 290-310

Resin temperature 290-320 320-350 340-360 290-320

Taking into account the service life of the screw, the temperature difference between the rear part, the middle part and the front part can be reduced.

In order to prevent the nozzle salivation, nozzle temperature can than shown in the table at temperatures as low as 10 DEG C, if you want to improve the liquidity, the set temperature can be 20 DEG C higher than the temperature shown in the table, but must pay attention to the following situation. Reducing the material cylinder temperature: residence time is too long, will not cause the pellets in the barrel aging, also won't produce corrosive gas, so stay long time generally will not produce any big problems. However, if the length of time to break down, please reduce the barrel temperature, once again, to throw away a few good.

2 mold temperature

The mold temperature of LCP can be formed at the temperature of 30 -150. But we generally set the mold temperature at 70 C -110 C. In order to shorten the molding cycle, prevent flash and deformation should be low mold temperature; if the product size is stable, especially for the products under the condition of high temperature), reduce weld seams and solve the problem of insufficient filling, high mold temperature.

3 can be plastic

The rotating speed of the screw is generally 100rpm. If it is containing glass fiber or carbon fiber materials (such as: A130, A230, etc.), in order to prevent the glass fiber was broken, we must choose a relatively low speed. In addition, the back pressure is also as low as possible.

When the barrel temperature is set to 300, the retention time of the material in the barrel is affected to the mechanical properties and color. Without filling grade A950, the mechanical properties of the material were decreased slightly in 15 minutes. While A130 remained in the barrel for 60 minutes, and its mechanical properties remained unchanged. Both A950 and A130 have a little change in color (E). The weight loss obtained by the thermal balance is shown in figure 4-21. Gradually began to decompose the temperature is about 460 degrees Celsius, than the usual molding temperature is much higher.

Liquid crystal polymer [LCP]

LCP is one of the most attractive liquid crystalline polymers. The material is not only able to withstand high temperature, in the molten state, the molecular entanglement is very small, only a small shear stress can make it. Because it shows the nature of the crystal in the form of liquid. And has excellent comprehensive performance, can improve the molding productivity.

Product characteristics:

This high temperature electrical / electronic assembly can withstand SMT assembly operations, including lead-free reflow soldering.

* excellent heat aging properties, keeping the inherent properties under high temperature.

The liquidity. Excellent thin-walled, complex shape.

* excellent dimensional stability, low shrinkage molding, small thermal expansion coefficient, can be comparable with the metal.

] in the molding, molecular chain toward direction of flow arrangement, produce a kind of like the molecular itself will be the enhanced self enhancement effect can be obtained by high strength and modulus of elasticity.

Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.

Speed: fast molding cycle.

Excellent creep resistance.

Flame retardant.

It has excellent dielectric properties over a wide temperature range.

Application domain:

Connector series, bobbin, connectors, SIMM socket, LED (MID), QFP socket, microwave bracket, hot air cylinder, perming device, electric plate, transistor package, injection molding line components (MID), light sensors (MID), crystal oscillator seat (MID), an integrated block supporting seat, constant speed sensor device, headphones components, CD pickup component, Stereo Recorder shell, constant speed sensor device, prohibit switch component, the cable tensile pieces, cable connector, cable connected interpolator, the base of the coil of the stylus printer, stylus printer, a fan, a camera shutter, pump parts,


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