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TPU Film

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TPU Film

     TPU film is a kind of film made by extrusion, rolling and blow-moulding processes with TPU master batches; it is also called breathable-waterproof film, it is a kind of new environment-friendly material which is a significant breakthrough on the application of breathable-waterproof plus material; it doesn't only inherit advantageous physical properties of TPU but also overcomes defaults of PVC and PV materials. It doesn't only have most properties of rubber and ordinary plastics but also has excellent combination property so it is also called future material. TPU, by virtues of its outstanding performance and the concept of environmental protection, is well accepted by people day by day. At present, TPU can substitute PVC anywhere PVC is used. However, PVC is unable to keep pace with advantages of TPU. TPU has many advantages such as wear resistance, low temperature resistance, strong tenacity, aging resistance, good biocompatibility, never cause any anaphylactic reaction to human body, breathable, waterproof, impermeable (humidity at high temperature up to 10000) and oil resistance; it also has simple molecular structure (C, H, O and N), non-toxic, burnt in incinerator, no air pollution or recycling; material will be spontaneously decomposed in 3-5 years due to longitude and microbial action when soil burying.
In EU and US developed countries, as stipulated in EN71, some products previously made of PVC material is gradually substituted by TPU. TPU film is extensively applied to all fields.
Range of TPU film products: thickness of 0.015-5MM, hardness of 80-98A, amplitude of 2m and less is adjustable,color is adjustable and multiple effects including transparent, translucent, matte, reflect light and matting.
1、TPU transparent film
Application: shoe material, luggage, handbag, garment, medical care, military and toy

Advantage: high strength, high tearing strength, high oil resistance, low compression deformation, high
                  elastics and high flexibility
2、TPU breathable-waterproof film
Application: garment and shoe material paste, silicone bra and bra accessories.
Advantage: high hydraulic pressure resistance, high moisture-penetrability, good handle, good
                  workability and fastness to washing & dry-cleaning
3、TPU hot-melt adhesive film
Application: shoe material, garment, weather strip, water-proof zipper, trademark, computer weaving mark and embroidery.
Advantage: a kind of adhesive film for binding two similar or different materials, which can be bonded with all fabrics and plastic
                   rubber (hot-press, melting point 80-120℃).
Characteristics: no glue, no solvent, environment-friendly, non-toxic, fastness to washing & dry-cleaning and soft handle.
4、TPU high & low temperature film
Application: water bag, air bag, foam products.
Advantage: high wear-resistance, tearing strength, weatherability, antibiosis and hydrolytic resistance.


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