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Thermoplastic elastomer

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 一、Physical & chemical properties
1、Mechanical property
TPEE has more modulus than other thermoplastic elastomers with the same hardness.
2、Heat resistance
TPEE has excellent heat resistance; the higher the hardness is, the better the heat resistance is. Weightlessness seldom occurs even if TPEE is continuously heated for 10 hours at 110~140℃ and short-term temperature is higher when heated for 10 hours at 160℃ and 180℃ respectively, so TPEE can adapt to baking finish temperature on auto production line (150~160℃). Brittle point of TPEE is lower than -70℃; the lower the hardness is, the better the low temperature resistance is. Most TPEE can be used for a long term at -40℃. Its working temperature is -70~200℃.
3、Chemical resistance
TPEE has extremely good oil resistance, which can resist a great majority of polar liquid chemicals (e.g. acid, alkali, diolamine compounds); the higher its hardness is, the better its chemical resistance is.
4、Weatherability and aging resistance
TPEE has goos chemical stability under many conditions such as water mist, ozone and weathering.
TPEE is mainly applied to fields having requirements for shock absorption, impact resistance, good warping strength, tightness and elasticity, oil resistance and chemical resistance. For example, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, low & high temperature-resistant materials for polymer modification, auto parts, low & high temperature-resistant cable trunking, hydraulic hose, shoe material, drive belt, rotational molding tyre, flexible joint, anechoic gear, elevator slide, pipe valves of chemical equipment.


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