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Thermoplastic elastomer

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    Thermoplastic elastomer TPE (TPR), a kind of thermoplastic composite materials with soft texture and adjustable physical properties and hard ground, can be directly injected or extruded, which saves working hours, reduce production cost and recycle leftover bits and flashes; it has both workability of thermoplastic materials and properties of thermosetting rubber; it has properties of vulcanized rubber other than additional vulcanization; it has good weatherability and low temperature resistance (-60℃); in recently years, development of industrial materials doesn't only require to realize performance-based, sophisticated and professional products but also to conform to the trend of high return, energy saving and environmental protection, while TPE is well accepted by users by virtue of its advantageous performances such as non-toxic and recoverability; it can also supply injection-class, extrusion-class, blow molding-class and flame retardant-class secondary adhesives of various hardnesses for PP, PA, PC, ABS and PS.

Toy: various toys.
Tool: manual and automatic tools, etc.
Stationery: an-skid stem casing of ball pen, knife, etc.
Wheel: wheels of various bassinet, furnitures, etc.
Pharmaceutical: transfusion bag, work drum, infusion bag, gloves, etc.
Daily use: bottle cap, suction tube, rubber band, condom, etc.
Sports: sports equipment, fitness equipment, etc.
Industrial use: cable, optical cable, auto sealing strip, steering wheel, bumper, brake hose, bench hassock, coating, modified asphalt, plastic modification, etc.


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