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Thermoplastic elastomer

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        Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) elastomer, a kind of non-toxic and environment-friendly high polymer, doesn't have only more advantages than other plastic materials such as high strength, good tenacity, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, water proof, aging resistance and weatherability but also has its unique excellences such as high water repellency and moisture-penetrability, wind breaking property, low temperature resistance, antibiosis, mould proof, heat insulation, UV resistance and energy release; ; its hardness range is 50A-82D and it is easily processed as traditional thermoplastic plastics e.g. Injection, extrusion, rolling, blow molding and fusion cast. TPU products include: highly transparent TPU series, which is applied to elastic tape, zipper puller, highly transparent shoe material, shoulder harness, etc.; halogen free-flame retardant V2-V0 class TPU series, which is used to produce fire resistance cable and flame retardant products; high wear-resistant series, which is used to produce textile accessories, shoe material, industrial castors with special requirements, etc.; permanent non-yellowness TPU series, which is used for UV-resistant products; ink & paint TPU series, which is dissolved with solvent and used for textile fabrics and plastic coatings; glass fiber reinforcement series, which is widely applied to shoe material, auto parts; and pharmaceutical & food class TPU series (comply with FDA standard), which is applied to medical apparatus and instruments, food packaging, etc. Low-temperature resistant TPU and polyether type TPU with low temperature flexibility, good weatherability, extremely good tenacity, wear resistance, Hydrolytic resistance and antimicrobial property, can maintain basic performances of products under the conditions of cold weather, hydrolysis or mechanical damage; It is typically applied to cable industry: the cable which needs winding, storing and backing-off under extremely severe climates; the cable which needs dragging in rocky terrain, dessert or arctic ice; the cable which needs dipping in water or distorting, bending and rude treatment; it is also an ideal material for seal, watch strap, tubing and section bar. Injection class TPU series featured by fast forming and good operability is mainly applied to shoe accessories, electric components, auto parts and pet accessories.


    Extrusion class TPU series with good transparency, dry-broken-pressure resistance, wear resistance, high tearing strength and good elasticity is mainly used for tubing, cable, industrial tape and auto parts.



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