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Third pole environment (TPE) international academic seminar held in Beijing

[   Date:2009-9-29 14:41:10   Visits  ]

     Recently, from the pole and the surrounding areas (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Japan, China) and the western developed countries (the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway) and other 15 countries total 70 scientists converged in Beijing held on the theme of "the third pole environment third pole environment (TPE)" international academic seminar. The seminar is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai Tibet Yao Tandong academician launched and organized.

     On scientists around the world communicate the third pole environment the latest research progress of (a total of 20 foreign scholars made a special academic report), discuss how to develop the scientific meaning of third pole Environment Plan International (TPE), key scientific issues and the future research objectives and content, and proposed by the TPE project execution plan, to clarify the TPE project management and organization meeting.

     After discussion, the meeting put forward the current TPE in urgent need of the project to solve the five key scientific problems: 1) over different time scales on the pole region took place what major ecological environment change events, is how to change? 2) what are the characteristics of the energy water cycle and its components in the third pole region, and what is the relationship between the India monsoon and the monsoon? (3) in the context of global warming, the third pole region (especially in the high altitude region) of the ecosystem will be how to change? 4) how will the glacier retreat and the Glacier Mass Balance affect the water cycle and its components, and what are their effects on the environment? 5) how to deal with the harm caused by the interaction between glaciers and lakes?

     Meeting identified is the overall goal of TPE project, deepen the current understanding of the third pole environment, attract attention to related research structure and academic team third pole region "water ice - gas - ecosystem - human activities" between interaction studies, reveal the pole environmental change process, mechanism and its influence and to global climate change response, to improve human to environmental change adaptation capacity, the realization of man and nature live in harmony service. Scientific objectives is that from the point of view of the earth system science to reveal the third pole of the atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere between interaction and its influence on the global. Main research content including the variation characteristics of five aspects: 1) in different temporal and spatial scales of ancient environment; 2) the third pole of frozen circle - the hydrosphere interactions and related climate disasters; 3) third pole to the feedback of the circulating water; 4) the third pole region and effects of environment and ecological system; and 5) of human activities on the third pole environment influence.

     The meeting identified a number of executive plan of TPE project, is the focus of the regional organizations of United Nations study section, the establishment of regional contrast observation stations, organization in universities, research institutes or field stations based young talent summer training school and determine primary task is to set up academic committee composed of scientists in many countries, the establishment of TPE project office. TPE academic committee's main responsibilities are to put forward scientific proposals to clarify the research objectives, to assess research programs, to coordinate cooperation agreements and tasks. TPE Project Office of the main management of the implementation of the project, including the organization of the project, the convening of the international seminar and youth talent summer training schools, as well as maintaining TPE sites, communication links and news release.

      This symposium is finally proposed by academician Yao Tandong, Lonnie g. Thompson, a professor of American and joint coordination German Volker Mosbrugger Professor, nominated and the formation of the academic committee of TPE, the Department of the Beijing Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences established TPE project office. The current academic conference proposed in 2010 and 2011 TPE academic seminar will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal and India, new delhi.

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