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Bayer launched three kinds of Texin series medicine TPU

[   Date:2016-1-7 14:23:09   Visits  ]

    Global leader in polymer production company Bayer MaterialScience recently launched Texin RxHM 125, Texin RxSTX 120 and Texin Rx70A three new material products, continue to expand its application in the medical field, medical heat plastic polyurethane (TPU) product research and development area. The three products are manufactured by injection molding or extrusion, which has been set by the U. S. Food and drug administration.

      "RxT70A" Texin is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane without plasticizer, which has good low temperature flexibility, elasticity and impact strength, high water vapor transmission rate. Can be used for medical catheter, can also be used for sealing parts and gaskets.

      "Texin" RxHM125's hardness of 125 (Shore hardness of about 87), bending strength of 330000Psi. RxSTX120 is a non transparent, high performance TPU. These two kinds of high coefficient TPU have good heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance, and have low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion coefficient. Can be used for coupling, shrapnel, Ruhr interface, piston, parts etc..

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