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China Petroleum Pipeline Anticorrosion enabled liquid TPU

[   Date:2011-11-9 14:19:57   Visits  ]

     In the new network from the Oil Pipeline Bureau corrosion of the construction of the "round of the South - Turpan" branch dry line liquid polyurethane (TPU)) test section of the project recently started. The test section length of 60 kilometers, a total of about 545 crossing with a diameter of 1016 mm, all using solvent-free liquid TPU coating anticorrosion mouth, at present complete daily fill the mouth up to more than 100, qualified rate is 100%.

     According to the company responsible for the corrosion of Pipeline Bureau introduced and compared with traditional manual baking heat shrinkable sleeve repair technique, the full automatic mechanical spraying liquid TPU coating mending technology has the advantages of anti-corrosion layer is stable in quality, operation speed is quick and convenient detection, reliable, maximum limit eliminates the mending of anti effect of human factors on the corrosion layer process, ensuring the patching anticorrosion layer of consistency and reliability. The technology has broken the traditional pattern of the use of heat shrink sleeve.

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